Should I hire a tutor?

tutoring signWhy should I hire a tutor for my child?

There are many reasons you might find yourself asking this question. Perhaps your child’s teacher recommended your child would benefit from tutoring. Perhaps your child’s report card is showing that he/she is not meeting the standards of the grade level. Perhaps your child is struggling to keep up with the rest of the class and is coming home unhappy or angry about school each day. For one or more of these reasons, you might consider hiring a tutor.

If your child’s teacher recommended you hire a tutor, he/she is probably concerned about your child’s progress in school. The teacher is probably seeing that your child is struggling in a particular subject and would benefit from some additional one on one support.

If your child’s report card is showing grades that are not meeting the standards, you might consider a tutor. A tutor can provide one on one instruction to help your child meet specific academic standards.

If your child is struggling in school and is coming home unhappy or angry after school, this could be a sign that your child needs additional help outside of school. Children that are struggling to keep up with their classmates will often feel unhappy about school or they will feel angry about school. A tutor can help boost confidence in your child while working on academic skills.

There are many reasons to hire a tutor for your child. Seeing your child’s academic success and confidence in learning will make hiring a tutor worth it!

2 thoughts on “Should I hire a tutor?

  1. […] Kids feel stress!  The stress is coming from math class (17%), tests (13%), and bad grades (10%).  Homework was also on the stress list for kids.  How can you help your child with their stress?  Set aside a time for homework and studying for tests and be available to help.  Reassure your kids that they are doing well.  Be specific when giving reassurance.  “Your B on the math test was a good grade.”  If they aren’t doing well, consider hiring a tutor. […]


  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. My wife and I hired a tutor for our daughter about a month ago. One of her teachers recommended a specific tutor and we haven’t regretted it one bit. We have seen quick improvement. I agree that seeing her growing success far outweighs the cost of a tutor.


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