Tips for Practicing Spelling Words


Have you ever wondered if there are different ways to practice spelling words than what you are currently doing with your child? Spelling lists are usually sent home each Monday and your child is told to practice the words so he can pass the test on Friday. Below are some fun ways to practice the spelling words with your child rather than just writing the words over and over. These ways will help your child to really learn the words so that he can apply the spelling rules in his daily writing beyond just memorizing the words for the Friday test.


  • Rainbow spelling- write words and trace around the words in different colors
  • Have a spelling bee
  • Write spelling words in sentences or in a paragraph
  • Draw pictures to illustrate spelling words
  • Tape spelling word cards around the house and have your child spell them when they see a card
  • Make a word search using the spelling words and have your child complete the word search, or have your child make their own word search
  • Play spelling memory after making 2 sets of cards for the spelling words
  • Spell the words out loud when driving in the car
  • Mix up the letters in the word and have your child unscramble the letters
  • Go to and play a game using your child’s spelling list

For help with spelling in the Colorado Springs area, please call Michelle at 760-672-8668.

For questions about spelling tips, please contact Michelle at



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