Tips for Helping Your Child Learn Sight Words

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Sight words are words that your child can read in three seconds or less. Sight words are not words that your child sounds out and reads. When children read books, they read many sight words on each page such as: the, and, there, was, with, etc. If your child has to stop to sound out sight words, their fluency and comprehension are both negatively affected. Learning sight words is crucial in the development of good reading. Below are some fun ways to practice sight words with your child.


  • Write sight words 3 times each
  • Rainbow sight words- write the words and trace around the words in different colors
  • Write the sight words in a sentence or paragraph
  • Find the sight words in books, magazines, signs. etc
  • Tape sight word cards around the house and have your child tell you the word when they see it
  • Make a word search using the sight
  • Play sight word memory
  • Spell the words aloud when driving in the car
  • Unscramble the letters to make a sight word

For help with sight words in the Colorado Springs area, please call Michelle at 760-672-8668.

For questions about sight words, please contact Michelle at


One thought on “Tips for Helping Your Child Learn Sight Words

  1. Again, great ideas. Also good explanation of sight words, so parents will really understand their importance. Also on my copy, you have an extra bullet on the bottom. Dad says sometimes that is just formatting. Just wanted to let you know. Mom

    Barbara A.Drake 636-795-3815


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