What is included in a tutor’s fee?

A tutor’s fee includes much more than just the time spent working with your child. Included in the tutor’s fee are the following things: planning time, materials, tutoring time, parent consultation time, drive time, gasoline cost, and mileage. Your child’s tutor spends 45 minutes to one hour planning for your child’s tutoring session. The tutor buys and provides all materials your child will need during the tutoring session such as: books, games, paper, notebooks, whiteboards, markers, etc. After the 50-55 minute tutoring session, the tutor will spend between 5 and 10 minutes talking to you, the parent, about your child’s progress. If the tutor comes to your house for each session, part of the fee will include driving to and from your house, paying for gasoline, and mileage put on her car.




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