Math Flash Cards

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Math Flash Cards

When your child needs to learn math facts, flash cards are a good way to practice.  There are two ways to use flash cards effectively.

1.  Start with 10 flash cards.  Have your child learn the facts on those ten cards.  Once a fact is learned (said in 3 seconds or less with no finger counting), replace that card with a new one.  So, your child is only ever working on ten cards at a time.  This makes flash cards more manageable.


2. Work on memorizing flash cards for 2-3 minutes 2-3 times per day.  You can have your child do as many flash cards as he or she can in the 2-3 minute time period, but set a timer and stop.  Doing flash cards for too long will be too tedious and your child will lose interest quickly which defeats the purpose.


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