What qualities should I look for in a great tutor?


Lots of people could be hired to tutor your child. However, there are specific qualities that make a tutor great.

  • Able to boost your child’s confidence-A great tutor is one that gets to know your child well so that he or she knows how to increase the level of confidence your child feels in all subjects, but especially in the subject your child struggles with most. A great tutor will get to know your child and your family on a personal level. Having a personal relationship helps foster trust which in turn helps the tutor build your child’s level of confidence.
  • Knowledgeable and trained in education-A great tutor must be knowledgeable in the subject he or she is tutoring, but having knowledge about a skill/subject is not enough. The tutor must be able to teach the skill/subject to your child in a way that makes it easy for your child to understand during tutoring and easy for your child to apply in school.
  • Individualized-A great tutor must individualize tutoring sessions. Your child should be tutored one on one. Your child’s lesson plan should not look the same as another child’s lesson plan. Even if two students are both in first grade and struggling with reading, the tutor needs to determine specific goals pertaining to each individual’s challenges with skills in reading. No two children struggle with reading in the same way so you shouldn’t have a tutor that teaches reading the same way to all students.
  • Engaging-A great tutor should teach your child using fun and engaging learning materials. Lots of skills in tutoring can be taught through interactive games or hands on materials. The use of white boards is more engaging than worksheets or paper/pencil tasks. The tutor should ask your child what he or she is interested in and that can be the focus of writing and the subjects of books being read.
  • Available and informative-A great tutor should be available to talk with parents anytime questions arise. He or she should have a consultation with parents following each tutoring session to inform parents of their child’s progress.

Hiring a tutor for your child that is struggling is a wonderful idea. Be sure to hire a great tutor with the right qualities!


To hire a great tutor in the Colorado Springs area, please call Michelle at 760-672-8668.

For more information about hiring a great tutor, or to ask about the qualities of your child’s tutor, please contact Michelle madrake44@yahoo.com



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