How do I help my child practice math facts?


When your child needs to learn math facts, flash cards are a good way to practice.  The key to working on memorizing math facts is to keep it short and sweet. Children do not have a long attention span when it comes to flash cards, so don’t try to do too many at one time or practice for too long at one time. Instead, you can practice in short 5 minute time periods. Right before school and then again during homework time would be good. There are three ways to use flash cards effectively.

  1. Begin with the 1s facts. Once your child has memorized the 1s, move to the 2s, then the 3s, and so on. Do not move on to a new set of facts until your child has memorized the set you’re working on currently.


  1. Start with 10 flash cards.  Have your child learn the facts on those ten cards.  Once a fact is learned (said in 3 seconds or less with no finger counting), replace that card with a new one.  So, your child is only ever working on ten cards at a time.  This makes flash cards more manageable.


  1. Play math war with the facts. You can buy a math war game at your local education store. Or, you can use a deck of playing cards. To play-Each player puts down two cards. Add (or subtract or multiply) the two cards. The person with the highest answer wins both cards.


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