Highlights: State of the Kid 2014

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Did you catch this piece on the Today show today with Hoda and Kathie Lee?

They discussed this article from Highlights Magazine with two experts in the field of children.

Several key things really stood out to me.

Children think their parents can’t live without their cell phones.  What does that say about the relationship between parent and child? Are parents placing more value on their cell phones than they are on their children and time spent with their children?  Lesson: Plan some uninterrupted, cell phone free time with your kids. Talk to them, play a game with them, or go on a walk with them.  It doesn’t have to be a big event.  It just has to be a time with you and your child together.  I wonder how your relationship would change for the better with a “no cell phone time” everyday?

Kids feel stress!  The stress is coming from math class (17%), tests (13%), and bad grades (10%).  Homework was also on the stress list for kids.  How can you help your child with their stress?  Set aside a time for homework and studying for tests and be available to help.  Reassure your kids that they are doing well.  Be specific when giving reassurance.  “Your B on the math test was a good grade.”  If they aren’t doing well, consider hiring a tutor.

Kids are overscheduled!!  Some of the kids surveyed were in 4-5 after school/extracurricular activities per week.  If your kids are overscheduled, this will cause stress and perhaps trouble in school because they will not have enough time for homework or enough time for adequate sleep before the next school day.  Kids need to have free time to do what kids do: run, play, create, rest.  If they are constantly going to an extracurricular activity, it doesn’t leave much time for downtime or family time.  Lesson:  Ask you child what activity is the favorite?  Do that one and skip the rest.  Watch and see how much more relaxed and happy your child is-and maybe you too since you won’t have to drive them to so many activities.



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