Parents as Teachers

Read this article about the Parents as Teachers program as it celebrates its 30th year.

“Our goal is to identify development delays and support the families by offering resources that will help their child be the best they can be,” explained  Jean Manning, who worked as a Parkway preschool coordinator for 15 years and who has been director of the district’s early childhood program for the last five years.

The key point from this article that I hope every parent will read and understand:

“We are helping parents make the connection of the importance of their role in being their child’s greatest teacher, biggest advocate, and a partner with us in the growth and development that is so key in the first five years of life,” explained Amy Dickson, who is beginning her seventh year as a parent educator.

School is not just the teacher’s job. Teachers need support from parents and if parents have worked at making the connection to learning early, it makes everyone’s job easier.


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