So much testing, so little time!

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Have you read this article about the Kindergarten teacher willing to risk losing her job rather than completing all the testing required of her kindergarten students?

I can’t say that I blame her one bit. Having taught Kindergarten for three years, I can tell you that time is precious and there is so much to teach and so much for the children to explore, experience, and learn. I cannot imagine completing all the assessments that this teacher named. Assessments are necessary so that teachers and parents know the students’ academic abilities. Using assessments, the teacher can then plan lessons according to the needs of the students in his or her class. At the end of each quarter, assessments should be administered again and that data is used to show the progress and growth of the children. However, assessments should not takes weeks and weeks out of actual teaching time. The assessments can be done quickly and concisely so that the teacher can spend time teaching and the students can spend time learning. After all, the goal of school is learning, not assessing.



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