Thankful Turkey

We all use November and Thanksgiving as a time to talk about, Facebook about, and tweet about things we are thankful for. Here is a project to get your kids thinking and writing about what they are thankful for.

Thankful turkey project:

Art-Have your child make a turkey using a paper plate and construction paper. The paper plate is the body of the turkey. Your child can color it brown. Next, your child needs to cut out feathers for the turkey. Depending on your child’s age, you could make a pattern and trace it on each sheet for your child to cut or you could let your child cut their own shapes for feathers. (This is good cutting and fine motor skills for young children.) Your child will also need to cut out feet, beak, and gobble and glue onto the turkey’s body.

Writing-On each feather, your child should write something he/she is thankful for. You could brainstorm ideas with your child before beginning, or your child can come up with their own ideas. Some things your child might be thankful for: friends, family, pets, toys, school, house, food, etc.

Art-Finish the project be gluing the feathers to the turkey’s body. Hang the turkey somewhere visible so your child can remember things he/she is thankful for.


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