Christmas List with an Educational Twist

untitled (32)

Do your kids make Christmas wish lists? Want to make those list making sessions a little more educational? Here’s how:

As your child is making a list, have him/her find the items wanted in catalogs or online. This promotes reading and research. Once each item is found, have your child write the prices of the items on the list. When your child begins making the list, give him/her a dollar amount that you are willing to spend. After your child has the list with prices next to each item, he/she will need to do a little addition and subtraction to get to the dollar amount you have set.

If your child enjoys making lists, researching, and adding/subtracting, you can have him/her help you make lists for the other people you need to buy for this Christmas. Have your child help you write a list of gifts for siblings, teachers, grandparents, etc.

Have fun with list making this holiday season!

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