Counting Christmas


As I was driving home from tutoring tonight, I saw so many Christmas lights on the houses and trees. It gave me a good idea for how to have some counting fun with Christmas lights.

Before you go on a drive to see the lights, make a list of different things your child can look for as you’re driving around town. For example:

Lighted star_______________

All blue lights______________

Blow up snowman____________

Blow up Santa______________

Manger scene______________

Icicle lights_______________


Then, put the list on a clipboard and give it to your child with a pencil or crayon. As you’re seeing lights, have your child put a tally mark next to the correct kind of lights your child saw. Remember to do four tallies straight and tall and the fifth tally goes diagonal. When you get home, count up the tallies. Ask questions like:

Which kind of lights did you see the most? The least?

How many ___________ did you see?

Did you see more ____________ or more ___________?

How many more ________ did you see than __________?

How many fewer ________ did you see than ___________?

How many lights did you see in all?



Math is everywhere and in everything we do!


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