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Students in most grades and schools are expected to read daily for homework. Some days, this might be reading for fun, reading with the family, or reading to a sibling as I have written about before. However, some kids need some extra practice reading and answering comprehension questions. I use a great website (free) to find leveled reading passages and question sets for the students that I tutor. The site is called “ReadWorks provides over 1,800 non-fiction and literary (fiction) reading passages, each with a research- based question set to support student comprehension.” Once you log in, you can select grade level, lexile (reading) level, domain (subject), text type (non-fiction or literary), and skills/strategy (cause and effect, drawing conclusions, etc). I love this site because I can select texts that my students are interested in reading that are at their reading level. And, I don’t have to think of questions to ask because the questions, both ABCD and written responses, are right there for the student. Enjoy some new reading with your child.

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