Shower Curtain Spelling Game


Here’s a new game that I just started playing with one of my students who has trouble learning his weekly spelling words. Sometimes, just writing the spelling words doesn’t work, but getting up and moving to spell might help the brain to remember the words.

Before playing:

Make an ABC mat using a shower curtain. I bought a cheap ($2.29) clear plastic shower curtain and cut it in half lengthwise. Then, I wrote each letter of the alphabet on the curtain using a sharpie. The folds of the shower curtain give you the perfect size boxes to fit the entire alphabet.

How to play:

Tell your child a spelling word from his/her list. Then, have your child jump, hop, march, etc to the first letter in the word, then the next letter, and so on. If your child spells the word correctly, great! If your child spells the word incorrectly, stop and have him/her start over from the first letter.

Have fun with a new way to practice spelling words!


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