“40 percent of children who are no longer read to aloud say they wish their parents had continued. Their No. 1 reason was because “it was a special time with my parents.”


Wow, if only we could listen to our kids more, we would help them read and feel close to us all at the same time. This article is a fantastic read. It discusses the most common mistake parents make dealing with reading.

When our kids are babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners, we read to them any chance we get. We know they are learning so much about the world through books and that they can’t read them by themselves, so we read to them. But, what happens as soon as your kindergartner learns to read. Reading becomes homework or a timed activity that must be completed, rather than engaging, quality time with books and parents.

At a reading conference I attended last year the speaker spoke about this topic. I was so happy that she did. At the time I was teaching third grade, and it was nearly impossible to fit in everything I was supposed to teach in a day. However, even with my very tight schedule, I still made time for read aloud every day after lunch. Now, some days it was only 5 minutes and other days it was a little longer. But, I cherished that time and would not let anything stand in the way of reading to my class. Yes, they all knew how to read and were very good at it.   But, as I read to them, we went on adventures together, learned about new things, and shared quality time as a class. That time with my class was so valuable.

Be sure to make reading with your children a priority at home. Don’t make it about school, and timers, and homework. Make it about spending quality time with your children learning and exploring books together.

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