Why Schools are Failing our Boys

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This is a very heart-felt article by a mother, Jennifer Fink, concerned about the way we are educating boys. She discusses the need for boys to have physical activity and a chance to do meaningful work that will benefit their families and society-before they reach age 18.

As a teacher, I whole-heartedly agree that boys (and girls) need way more physical activity than they are getting in school. Of course, it is not the teachers’ choice that students only have recess for 15 minutes a day or that they can’t go outside because of the weather. It is also not the choice of teachers that the students only have PE once or twice a week now. We need to look to the policy makers and the writers of standards. We need to insist that kids be allowed to, and encouraged to, move quite a bit during the school day. I’m not sure we will see that change in the near future. For now, all I can do as a teacher is offer lots of movement activities inside my classroom so that I can get the kids moving and get their brains learning too.

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