Chapter Books for Kindergarten thru Second Graders

untitled (55)

It’s important at this age to let your child read some independently, but also to read aloud with you. A good way to do this is to have your child read several pages to themselves. Then discuss with your child what happened on those pages.   Then, sit with your child and do some shared reading. This means you read a page and then your child reads a page. This way you model fluent and expressive reading for your child. You can monitor their fluency and expression. You can also see if your child is getting stuck on words and what strategies your child is using to figure out the challenging words. By doing shared reading, you can decide if the book is too easy, too challenging, or just right for your child’s reading and comprehension ability.


The Magic Tree House series

Ivy and Bean series

Nancy Drew and the Clue series

Judy Moody series

Junie B. Jones series

Cam Jansen series

Frog and Toad series

Nate the Great series

Henry and Mudge series

Rainbow Magic series

The Ramona Quinby series

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