Free Typing Programs for Kids

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Do you know any free typing programs for kids?



Yes, definitely. Try the games on I tried a few of these games this morning and they are fun and interactive. I also like that the beginner level of each game has students typing using just the home keys. This is a good place to start when learning to type.

Why is typing important for your kids? Unlike the old standardized tests where kids used a number 2 pencil and filled in bubbles, the new standardized tests are all computerized. This means that your student needs to not only be able to read, interpret and answer the question, but he or she also needs to be able to type the answer on the computer. Knowing the location of the keys on the keyboard and how to navigate a mouse are very important skills for all students in elementary school.

Besides testing, children will need to know how to use a computer once they enter middle school and go on to high school and college. They will be required to type papers and find information on computers. Parent The more familiar they are with the keyboard and the mouse, the easier this will be for them.

So, start your kids off early on keyboarding skills with this fun online game.

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