Back to School

back to school

Summer is over and school has begun. Are you ready for the school year? Are your children ready for a successful new year? Here are some things you can do that will help your children have the great year you want them to have.

  1. Begin a routine right away. When will your children do homework? When will they play? When will you have family reading time? Once you have established a routine, stick to it as much as you can. Kids crave and thrive on routine so they know what is expected of them. For help establishing a homework routine, see my blog here.
  2. Ask your children questions about school so that you know what is going on in their lives? Be sure to ask open-ended questions as I have suggested in my questions blog so that you don’t just get yes/no answers.
  3. Establish a family reading time each evening and enjoy reading together. Reading is a life-long skill that will help your children now and in their futures.
  4. Be positive about new teachers, new friends, new classrooms, new homework amount, etc. Your children will follow your lead with their attitudes.
  5. Give your children time to play. Don’t overschedule them with extra-curricular activities. They work hard all day and they need a little downtime just like adults do.

Enjoy the new school year ahead! And, remember to check my blog for helpful hints, tricks, and information.

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