All this Testing


It’s the beginning of the school year and kids are doing A LOT of testing.  Some school districts even have special days set aside to test students.  This is a great way for teachers to get to know each student individually.  Sometimes parents get upset about the test scores their children bring home.  Please be reassured that these scores are just one piece of evidence of your child’s academic abilities and your child’s teacher will use the test scores to determine how best to teach your child the skills/concepts he or she needs to learn. If your child’s scores aren’t what you expected, definitely ask your child’s teacher to explain the scores to you.  Then, monitor your child’s progress.  If your child isn’t making academic gains, you might want to think about getting some additional help, like a private tutor.  The key is to remember that the scores are not a total picture of your child academically, but just one piece of the academic puzzle.


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