Things to have in your child’s homework area




What should you have in your child’s homework area? Here are some things you might want to have in your child’s homework area.


  1. Sharp pencils, markers, colored pencils, crayons
  2. Lined notebook paper, construction paper, computer paper
  3. Timer
  4. Stapler, three hole puncher, ruler
  5. Calendar
  6. Books
  7. Good lighting, good seating, good work surface


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4 tips for establishing a homework routine



What is your homework routine? Does your child have a homework routine? Having a routine will make homework time run more smoothly.


  1. Set a time for homework and stick to it. If homework time is 4:30pm, then be sure it is 4:30pm each day. Remember homework can be completed in the morning for children that attend a school with a later start time. Your child will learn not to ask to do anything else during that time because he will know its homework time.
  2. Determine where homework will be completed each day. Designate an area as the homework area.
  3. Have your child decide which homework assignment to complete each day if it is a packet of homework as given to younger students or decide which homework assignment to do first if homework is assigned nightly as with older students. If your younger student has a packet, decide to do one spelling sheet each night and one math sheet each night. Then your child knows the expectation for homework time and they have chosen what to do. If your older student has more than one assignment, decide to start each homework session with math, followed by spelling, followed by science each night. Again, knowing the expectation for homework will help.   And, giving your child the choice of what to start with will help as well.
  4. Be sure your child knows what to do if they need help with homework. How long do they have to try it on their own before asking for help? Who do they ask for help? Where will the helper be during homework time?


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4 Tips for the nightly homework struggle



So, it’s time for homework and your kids are fighting you. Are you prepared for the nightly homework battle? Here are a few tips that might help with the struggle.


  1. Establish a routine. Write the routine on a poster board or paper and hang it where everyone can see it.
  2. Designate a homework area. This might be the kitchen table for younger students so you are available to help. Or, it might be a desk in your child’s bedroom for older students. Be sure everyone knows where homework is worked on each night.
  3. Set a homework time. This might be right after school, after a small snack, or after dinner. Be sure everyone knows when homework is to be worked on and that it is at a consistent time.
  4. Be available to help and be positive about homework. For younger students, you might need to sit with them and offer some help. For older students, they need to know you’re available should they need help. Be sure you are positive about how hard your children are working on their homework.


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